Woman Using a Visual Impairment Aid to Help Read a MagazineAside from all the wonderful services we provide at CABVI, there is also a full lineup of visual impairment aids we offer as well. At CABVI, it’s always our main goal to help our clients live as comfortably and independently as possible, which is why we are pleased to provide a one-stop shopping experience for all of their specialty needs, the Sight Shoppe.

CABVI’s Sight Shoppe sells a wide variety of visual impairment aids to help you maintain your independence while modifying your home, school or work environment. We offer our Sight Shoppe catalogue, which is filled with items for the blind and visually impaired, and are available by placing an order or by visiting us at our Kent Street location.

CABVI’s Sight Shoppe provides a wide range of visual impairment aids.

CABVI knows that part of maintaining your independence when you’re blind or visually impaired is having the items you need to live your daily life. That’s why we offer a large assortment of visual impairment aids, including:

  • Writing Products for Visual Impairment
  • Organizational Products for Visual Impairment
  • Reading Products for Visual Impairment
  • Household Products for Visual Impairment
  • Leisure/Game Products for Visual Impairment
  • Kitchen Products for Visual Impairment
  • Medical Products for Visual Impairment
  • Timekeeping Products for Visual Impairment
  • Sunglasses and Eyewear for Visual Impairment
  • Electronic Magnification for Visual Impairment

CABVI wants to help all people who are blind and visually impaired reach their full potential. Visual impairment aids can help you maintain your independence. If you need more information about the products we offer in our Sight Shoppe, please visit our offices at 507 Kent St., Utica New York 13501, or call us toll free at 1-877-719-9996.

Other CABVI services for people who are blind & visually impaired:Areas We Serve Map For Visual Impairment Aids

The following are some of the areas we serve in Central New York:

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