Services for Students Upstate NYAre you the parent of a school-aged child who is blind or visually impaired and is in need of services in Upstate NY? CABVI offers many services for children who have entered school. These services are specific to the age and needs of each individual child, and help the children to learn more and function better in the classroom.

CABVI knows it is important to help children in Upstate NY who are blind or visually impaired understand their environments from an early age. That’s why we’re pleased to even offer preschool instruction as a preparatory measure for children not yet school-aged. In the preschool program, the focus is on concept development. Children are encouraged to explore the world through touch, using all their senses to decode the environment, comprehend it, and navigate it safely. With this preparation, the majority of these children are able to attend regular school with sighted children once they are school-aged.

CABVI offers school-aged students the services they need to succeed in Upstate NY.

Our team of specialized professionals continues services for students who are visually impaired within their home school districts. Teachers of students who are visually impaired, mobility instructors and vision rehabilitation therapists work with students under special contractual agreements with school districts. The needs of an elementary school student may be different from the needs of a high school student, but the goal remains the same – to provide services for students who are visually impaired that will allow them to achieve their highest levels of independence.

CABVI wants to help all students in Upstate NY who are visually impaired reach their full potential. If you have a child who is visually impaired who needs our services, please feel free to visit our offices at 507 Kent St., Utica NY 13501, or call us toll free at 1-877-719-9996.

Other services CABVI offers for people who are blind & visually impaired in Upstate NY include:Areas We Serve Map For Impaired Students


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